What kind of athlete are you?

As the winter rolls on, I’m glad to say I’ve stayed healthy and published a new book, Rowan and Eris. Not much on the sports front, apart from a bit of running and swimming. I started playing basketball again, and that’s been both fun and challenging, the latter because the league I’m playing in is rather dirty and it’s a success to get through a game without an injury and with all of my teeth.

(I failed on this front in the last game, after a rough bit of play resulted in me landing with full force on my right shoulder, and something in the joint broke.)

Promoting the new book has already involved several shoots for German television and a couple of guest posts on writing websites. I’m including them on the Purathletes page because, despite the literary content, I think the key ideas of both articles relate to sports.

The first article, published on writing.ie, is about the theory that there are three kinds of people: head people, heart people and gut people. I apply this theory to writing – some write from the head, some from the heart, some from the gut – but I also think it applies to sports. That is, cerebral athletes, passionate athletes and instinctive athletes.

I write from the gut, I play sport from the gut, and I’ve always had a lot of problems with my gut. No doubt, I’m a gut person. My heart often leads me astray and over-thinking things has always caused problems. Hence my tendency to do things on instinct. But I also think there’s something honest about being a gut person, which might explain why I really can’t stand the cheats who use performance enhancing drugs, at any level, or any kind of cheating.

The second article, published on espressococo.com, looks at road trip literature. But what it’s really about is having a dream. As described in the article, my dream as a child was to travel to America and find the Riverdale I’d read about and seen in the Archie Comics. From a sports point of view, I think it’s important as an athlete to have dreams. One of mine, long held, was to represent Australia in sports, a dream I was lucky enough to realise in 2013 and again in 2017, at the world championships of triathlon.

So, these articles pose two interesting questions. What kind of person are you? And what are you dreams?




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