The green whale

Saturday saw me in Brunsbüttel for the third year in a row. The Waltriathlon, which takes place in a pool next to the Elbe River.

With my eyes on Rotterdam, I decided to get into the Aussie spirit and wore my green and gold suit from the 2013 Age Group Championships. The good news is it still fits, though it’s a little tight around the middle. I felt a little like this:


It’s also a bit attention grabbing. Athletes came up and asked me if I really was from Australia. One young participant wanted to be photographed with me. And then, wearing such a suit raises the bar of how well I should do in the race.

While I had fun, my time was considerably slower than last year.

I got through the 500-metre swim and onto the bike. A tailwind meant the first ten clicks on the bike were easy, and the second ten were laborious. I got passed by quite a few athletes on the way back. This continued on the five-km run. I ended up 16th, with a time of 1:08. Not terrible, but I’ve really lost a few minutes on the run, and I was a full ten minutes behind the winner. Four out of the top five were all over 40 years old. Make of that what you will.

The nice folks in Brunsbüttel shall be commended for hosting such an enjoyable race.


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