Take me to the river

The last race of the season was definitely the hottest. A muggy 32°, a big crowd, a warm river. Yeah, swimming in a brown, oily river is not the best, but as it was only 500m, it was bearable. And for such a fine race, the water can be tolerated.

The Elbe Triathlon has grown considerably in the last few years. Apparently, there is even some drug testing for the elite Hamburg athletes, though I haven’t found any information about the results.

Triathlon is very popular in Hamburg, and the Elbe Triathlon, held at the rowing centre 15km from downtown, had close to 1,000 participants. I had fun. The swim was chaotic, the bike good, the run hard. No matter how much work I put into my running, I just can’t match it with these guys. I was 26th overall, from about 400 who did the sprint distance, but I was 110th in the run.

This has been the story for much of the season. Swim well, bike well, run poorly. And it means I get passed a lot on the run, which never feels so great, especially when those passing me are older, heavier and (seemingly) cruising.

No matter. I’ve got 9 months to improve my running. But I give my cycling a thumbs up.



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