Relaxed by the pool

I’m really starting to like these pool races. I did another on the weekend, which started at the Waldbad Salzhausen and ended in Garstedt. Well organised, good atmosphere, and not too serious. Very nice surrounds as well, near the L√ľneburger Heide.

While on the 20 km bike leg, I got to thinking about why the pool races are enjoyable, and I concluded that all the participants are more relaxed becuase there isn’t the trepidation involved with swimming in open water. The pool is safe, structured and known. Follow the lane rope and the black line on the bottom: this is something people here can do. Get out in the open water, swim in a straight line and navigate from point to point: this is something people here can’t do.

Which is why there is a lot less nervousness at the start of a pool race. Also, people know how far they can swim in a pool. In an open water race, you stand at the lake’s edge and look at the buoys, and the distance seems much further. You also wonder how clean the water is, and what might happen to your insides if you swallow a mouthful.

It was my first time doing the Auetal Triathlon. I really enjoyed the race, and managed to finish fourth.

And I like a race that has a dedicated start time for participants who do the run leg using Nordic Walking sticks.