Short cuts

Interesting article in the New York Times about an athlete who has alledgedly taken the short way home on her way to winning several big events.

Of course, what this very long article does not talk about at all are the numerous cheaters who are doing the races in ludicrously fast times. A problem that is far more widespread and, in my opinion, far worse than taking a short cut: using performance enhancing drugs.

Someone who doesn’t complete the whole course can be easily found out, as the article outlines. But for all those cheaters on the T and the “good juice”, there’s no testing in amateur races to find them out. They can keep on doing their thing.

Shame about that.


Straight dope

A big story is breaking in the UK about a doctor who gave performance enhancing drugs to some 150 athletes from the UK and abroad over the last six years, which would include the 2012 London Olympics, when Great Britain did so well.

Following all the positive tests for meldonium, I find myself completely disinterested in professional sports. I’ve lost faith. I’m thinking that every athlete is doped, guilty until proven innocent.

2016 is already turning into the year of the doper.