Everyone into the pool

The last race of the season, and with the weather having already turned to autumn, the swim was in a heated outdoor pool. And what a nice pool! It’s the Waldschwimmbad in Büchen, about an hour’s drive east of Hamburg.


They had lanes set up, with 4-5 swimmers in each lane, and each swimmer with a different coloured cap so the judges could keep track of the swimmers and count their laps. After the mass start last week in Cologne, it was a relief to swim in a relaxed manner without having to deal with flailing arms and legs.

I started the triathlon season with a pool race, and even though I’ve said negative things about training in pools in Germany, the races are really good. In fact, I think I’m converted. I’ll try to hunt out more pool races next year. It’s warm, it’s safe, it’s clean.

Thanks, Büchen, for an enjoyable race to end the season. Well organised and great fun. A lot of smiles.


It was very good to finish on a positive note, but I still think there’s something very rotten in the state of triathlon. And it has to do with (unpure) athletes who are using dubious means to achieve extraordinary results. More to follow on this.


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