Youth rules

There was plenty of young blood at the Waltriathlon in Brunsbüttel on May 23. Looking through the top 30 finishers, more than half were under 19 years old, and a couple more were 20 years old. They were possibly using the race as training, warming up for the bigger races to come, when the clubs compete against each other.

Not such a good thing, having all these exuberant and fit young people around, as this was my first race in the 40-44 age group. But I wasn’t alone. In this mixed up race of young and old, I finished fourth in my age group.

Triathlons that have the swim leg in pools are always a bit strange. But as the weather has been unseasonably cold in recent weeks (and months), it’s not yet possible to have a race in open water. I was thankful to be in the heated pool. Nice location, right on the Elbe River.

(photos from

It was eight to a lane, with special coloured caps so the officials could keep track. I was glad just to get through it unscathed, without swallowing half the pool. An ordinary swim was followed by a fantastic bike leg, despite having trained so little. I recently bought a second-hand Zipp disc wheel and this seemed to make things a lot easier (perhaps it was psychological). Still, I was fast on the bike and I felt fresh when I started the run.

The run was short, maybe a scratch over 4km, but I wasn’t complaining. It was great just to finish. Youth ruled on this day, with the 17 year-old winner clocking a tad over 53 minutes for the 750/20/5 race (short run included). 10 out of the first 15 finishers were under 20 years old. I had place 21, in 1:02. Not bad for the first race.


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