Let the post-season begin

The clouds roll in, the nights are cold, the leaves are turning yellow. It all marks the end of the triathlon season. Sad, but also something of a relief. From July’s scorcher in Munster, the season trickled pretty much to nothing for me. Time constraints, work, commitments, work, bad scheduling, work, etc. There was a sprint in Rendsburg at the end of August, with the swim done in a 50m pool, but I skipped the Elbe Triathlon and Norderstedt because of bad weather and cold water.

At the Elbe Triathlon, olympic distance: 1st (age group 40-44) clocked 1:53, 2nd, (35-39) 1:58, 3rd (45-49) 2:03 and 4th (40-44) 2:04. Glad I didn’t race there. I would’ve done the run shuffling along with my tail between my legs. But I’ll gladly give each of these guys a very supportive hug. There, there, it’s okay.

In the competitive Norderstedt olympic: 1st (45-49) 2:01. And need I say anything more? Another hug.

At Rendsburg, I somehow managed to finish 7th, out of around 30, but well back from the winner, and behind some rather dubious-looking athletes. More supportive, comforting hugs.

Which leaves Bramstedt this Sunday, but I’m not keen on that either. Since the ice-bucket challenge in the Serpentine last year in London (a triathlon swim in 11°!!!!) I’ve become averse to cold water. I guess I’ll find some more excuses in the next few days not to race.

I wonder if there are drugs to make you motivated? Maybe I just need a break.


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