Same old same old

Bad Oldesloe is a town north-east of Hamburg. On the outskirts is the Poggensee, where every year there is a very enjoyable sprint triathlon, run by the nice people of the Spiridon Club. I’ve done this race a few times; once, a few of us got caught at the train crossing on the bike leg and had to wait. At the time, I thought this was very funny, while the other competitors bitched and complained: “Was für eine Scheiße!” for example, was a common refrain.

The Sunday morning was rainy, the transition area more suited to a Mud Rush race than a triathlon. But we started in good spirits. There were around fifty competitors in what was dubbed the “sport” group. The “hobby” group started ten minutes later.

The swim was a breeze, but the bike leg was technical and challenging, given the wet roads and tight corners. Fortunately, I didn’t get stuck at the train crossing this time. But I did get pretty dirty.

Starting the run, I think I was 6th or 7th. I finished 8th overall, and really enjoyed the race. Of course, it can’t be a triathlon without a raised eyebrow or two. And maybe it was just the town living up to its name. The winner was 45 years old, while the first woman (less than a minute behind me) was 47. Congratulations to you both, and to the 47 year-old who passed me just before the finish.

I can say this: I can’t wait until I’m in my 40s, because it appears then I’ll really hit my strides, reach my peak and win some races. The best may be yet to come. That’s comforting. Or…

Ah, but it was all good in Bad Oldesloe. Another race completed with me all smiles. I like the Poggensee Triathlon and will do it again. Maybe in ten years, I’ll win it.




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