Starting over

The first race of the year was a hot one. A muggy 28°, and swimming in muggy water that was not the most attractive shade of green. But it was good fun and I’m happy with my efforts. The finishing times are what the finishing times are, and it’s probably about time that I stopped bitching about it and shouting vitamin T and value-added D.

This was, after all, a Volkstriathlon (a race for everyone), making my 14th placing out of 400+ very good and about right. So, even if there were guys in the competitive sprint and league races clocking about an hour, and they were pushing fifty years old, I’m not going to get all hot and bothered about it.

Because running in the heat was hot enough for me. And I’m not bothered that I couldn’t run faster, or that they were (maybe) some dubius athletes in the field. It was great to be racing again, to feel the strain and gasp for breath, and get that great endorphin-rush when hitting the line. Well worth it.

After parting with nearly 1.5 litres of blood since January, I’m happy just to have finished the race, even if it was a Volkstriathlon sprint. I’ve done a lot of research online and I can’t find any other triathletes with hemochromatosis. That is, one who is open about it and documenting their blood and sport travails online.

I can say this: two days later and my recovery from the race is very slow. But that could also be because of the heat. I’ll have to see how this develops during the season. The first big test will by the Olympic distance race in Schwerin in three weeks.


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