Doping at NY cycling event

A report on outlines how doping controls take place at the Gran Fondo New York 105-mile cycling race.

This has been happening for the last few years at GFNY, with two cyclists testing positive in 2012.

But I’m not sure about the motivations for doing the testing. As the writer in the seattlepi blog post says, “The primary goal of age group testing is not catching the cheaters. It is about deterring dopers from competing.”

To me, this sounds like confirmation that for those amateurs who are doping and on PEDs, the best solution is to keep them out of races rather than to stop them from taking drugs. Is that the right way forward?

On the amateur doping topic, the latest issue of 220 Triathlon Magazine (UK) has a special report about doping in age-group triathlon. It’s an interesting article, following up on the Mainz Uni survey, but it only scratches at the surface, and it doesn’t give much insight into why age-groupers dope. I think the why is the biggest question: why put your health so much at risk in exchange for a few seconds/minutes? For a chance to compete at Hawaii? To beat Buddy from the neighbouring tri club? To conquer your own insecurities?

This is the big story: why do it when there’s nothing substantial to gain?



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