Mainz reaction

There’s been quite a lot written about the study done by the University of Mainz ( The general consensus being that people are shocked by the results. And yet, these results may actually be very conservative, as many people questioned may have been reluctant to tell the truth, even though the interview was anonymous.

Some articles written about the results:

I don’t know why people are shocked. You just have to look through the times (and age groups) of your whatever local triathlon for the proof. If you have an understanding of the factors of time/age/training/ability/lifestyle, then you’ll have to question how some village athletes can roar through a triathlon in times comparable to pros.

I wonder what the results would have been like if the same survey had been conducted at the World Age Group Championships in London last year; because there were all these amateurs posting times faster than pros, and guys and girls 40+ performing out of their skins. I bet the percentage would have been higher than 19.8, even without full honesty and disclosure.

Participation in triathlon is growing every year. Perhaps it’s time I gave up writing and became a PED dealer instead?

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