Overloaded Ironman

When people learn that I race triathlons, they always ask about ironman. Well, personally, I think ironman is ludicrous and I’ve never even contemplated doing one. It’s far too much to do in one day. But that’s me. I respect that others enjoy it. Perhaps they even find the distances easy.

Turns out I was an ironman all along. My doctor has told me I have Haemochromatosis, which is a genetic defect that results in the body storing too much iron. Not such a pleasant thing to have, as the excess iron has a toxic effect on one’s insides, particularly the liver, pancreas and gall bladder. It explains a lot, the general feeling of malaise, the stomach trouble, and a host of other concerns that couldn’t be pinpointed as having a root cause. Well, they do. And I’m hoping the treatment will make everything right.

That treatment is phlebotomy. Giving blood. So, if ever there was someone who was really anti-doping, it’s me. Because instead of getting blood transfusions and EPO, etc, I have to get rid of blood! The idea being that phelbotomy reduces the level of stored iron, and it requires giving blood regularly.

First blood is this Friday. I’m now sure how this will impact my training and racing. But I’d gladly go slower if it meant feeling better.