A lot has been written in recent months about testosterone replacement therapy, with TV ads offering “miracle cures” for middle-aged men who feel lackustre and low. A quick trip to your urologist, some testing to be sure your testosterone is low, and then you can start rubbing on the magic gel. The consequences? No one’s really sure. A mixed bag, so far.

This in an interesting article on the rise of the T among amateurs, and has this quote: “Recent evidence has found a high incidence of “cheating” among master’s and age group athletes.” The cheating being testosterone, most often prescribed by a doctor.


This post is also worth a read: http://www.johnpostmd.com/john_post_md/2013/06/testosterone-should-i.html

Dr Post cites a study that says T use has tripled in the last decade. Along with it, we’ve seen the rise of endurance sports, especially triathlon. And Dr Post is right when he says triathletes who put coloured tape on their bodies and wear ridiculous compression clothing will also try supplements and pills and gels, anything for an advantage. This goes a long way to explaining why amateur triathlons are dominated by the 35-50 age group.

And this gets me to thinking that I’d really like to try testosterone (especially when it’s labelled as “therapy”), just to see what the impact would be. How much of a difference would it make? Well, when guys in their late 40s are winning races in pro times, it must make a very big difference.

No. Supplements are not for me. If guys want to take the T and HGH, and be super fast, that’s their choice. There’s nothing pure about those athletes.

For further reading: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/17/magazine/17antiaging-t.html?pagewanted=1&ref=magazine


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