Community spirit

So, I haven’t quite grown gills yet, or turned my legs into the spindly chicken-like legs of a runner, but Project: Aquaman continues, even with the usual work and life interruptions. Which of course gets me to wondering how an amateur triathlete has the time to get him- or herself into such shape that they can go as fast as pros.

Okay. No more ranting about that.

I did, however, stumble onto this:

There’s a quote at the end that I find interesting: “…maybe the answer to the title question is found in a previous contribution to this blog by David Butler which concluded that “Whether it is athletics, cycling or baseball the force of prohibiting third parties may be no match for the power of local social norms that are fostered and enforced within groups”. Doping may simply be so abhorrent to the triathlon community that the cost of doping simply never outweighs any possible benefit.”

Paul O’Sullivan, the writer of that last sentence, might benefit from spending some time with said triathlon communities, especially with the guys in their late 40s who win triathlons in pro-level times. Maybe he should train hard, then race against those who may find doping “so abhorrent” as to never possibly do it. Believe me, there are some seriously bad apples within the triathlon community.

There is a scandal within triathlon (and possibly in the wider field of amateur endurance sports) just waiting to be exposed. Who will expose it? And does anyone really care?


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