Project: Aquaman

The triathlon season is well over. But like many of us, I’m still training, mainly just to stay in shape. The intensity is gone (I’m thankful that London is done and dusted – won’t be doing the Age Group Champs thing again) which means the enjoyment of the activities can return. From slugging it out in the pool and pushing it too hard on training runs, and trying to jam in as many training session as my schedule allows, I can now take my time and enjoy it.

In winters past, I normally joined a gym, partnering weights workouts with runs or bike sessions. This winter, I’ve got a project formulated, to turn myself into a better runner and swimmer. I was never a strong runner, so it’s time I put in some work improving it. I was always a (relatively) strong swimmer, but never really trained enough. And, with triathlons getting more and more crowded, I’m thinking safety first, especially in the swim leg: get out towards the front so as not to get kicked or elbowed. Sometimes, getting around that first buoy is hellish. It turns triathlon into a contact sport.

Biking will have to wait until the spring. From the vantage point of early November, spring seems a long way off. Hopefully, I’ll have grown gills by then, and changed my body type enough to look more like a runner.

While in London, this was something I noted about triathlon, especially for short course and Olympic distance: the body types of athletes. They all look like runners. That is, runners who swim. They’re very lean and bony. The Brownlee brothers are the prototype (so skinny to be looking almost unhealthy). And the results could be seen in how fast the age groupers were completing the run leg. So, I’ve learned from this and will put in some effort to improve. Though, I don’t see myself ever running 10k splits in under 35 minutes, like the good amateurs do. Perhaps I’ve got the wrong training and dietary regime.

We’ll see how long my motivation lasts. Project Aquaman may not make it to Christmas.



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