Pumped up grandpa

I’m not really sure what to make of this guy:

To quote: “But most of the athletes caught in recent years for using steroids and other banned substances have been little-known amateurs in small-time competitions.”

So, what does this mean for everything that just went down in London? Checking the results, there were plenty of men in the open age group race who ran faster 10 kms than some of the pros. They also had considerably faster bike times over 40 kms – keeping in mind that the age group race was (supposedly) non-drafting. What does this mean? Are the top guys in the age group race actually pros? Or…?

No. I really don’t want to think the worst, as with Don Ramos. It was a such a great five days in London. I really don’t want it to be tainted somehow.

Yet, how, as an amateur athlete with a full-time job, how do you run and bike faster than the pros? Because, if you are faster, why aren’t you a pro?

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