Red letter day

A few weeks ago, annoyed at being trounced by more super seniors, I decided to write an open letter to NADA and the German Triathlon Union. Here’s what I sent:


To my great surprise, I received a reply from NADA. Many thanks to Dr. Lars Mortsiefer for allowing me to publish his letter on the purathletes site.



So, what to make of all that? The focus is on professional sport, as it should be. But, and here’s what’s interesting, there’s no flat-out denial that drug use is happening in amateur sports, or any claims that I’m yelling smoke when there’s no fire. NADA knows about this problem, but doesn’t have the finances or resources to do anything about it. At least not yet. It might be one of things that won’t be addressed until something goes wrong.

I greatly appreciate NADA taking the time to read and reply to my letter.


4 thoughts on “Red letter day

  1. It is great, perhaps even surprising to get a reply and an opportunity worth pursuing – I would view this as a ‘pilot program’ as the budget and resource limitations are the most significant factor influencing any success within amature and semi-pro competition.

    A pilot or trial program has the advantage of a) getting factual picture of the state of doping at this level and b) generating attention.

    Attention is the last thing that dopers want and awareness and prevention also encourages event organisers to seriously look at this side of their competition.

  2. Hi Chris. Well said that, and basically what I wrote by email this morning to NADA when they asked me for suggestions: roll up unannounced and test the top 3-5 of every age group at just one triathlon. An OD race of about 200 competitors. It would be a win-win for NADA. A) No one tests positive = hooray the sport is clean and NADA has the results to prove it. B) A lot of guys test positive (the most likely scenario) and NADA can start addressing the problem while showing the world they care just as much about ground-roots sports as the pros.

  3. One could also hope that it NADA came and tested even one amateur race the word would spread and people wouldn’t be so confident that they could dope as much as they wanted and never be caught in amateur races.

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