All the king’s men

I like Schwerin, the lakes and the castle. Especially the castle. I booked a hotel that offered a great view.


This photo was taken the morning of the race. The swim was in the lake in front of the castle. Water was 16°.

Yes, I like doing the Schlosstriathlon in Schwerin, even though it’s always a very strong field. This year was no exception. The winner clocked 1:52, which for an Olympic distance race (non-drafting remember) is just ludicrous. The top 7 all did the 40km bike leg in under an hour. 5th overall was 45 years old, 8th was 47, 12th was 54 (in a time of 2:12).

I was very proud of my 2:14 for 18th place. During the race, I watched the guys passing me and took mental note of their body types. The standard pro triathlete is basically a middle-distance runner who swims. That is, they’re very lean with the shoulders that come from pounding laps in the pool. The guys passing me in Schwerin were solid, muscular guys, who look like they spend more time pounding weights in the gym than swimming laps. A couple of guys who passed me on the run had the kind of bulky calf and quad muscles that the All Blacks front row would be jealous of. It struck me then, as I gasped for air, that there just seemed something unnatural about a person of that size, weight and age moving at that speed, and with such ease.

But whatever. Good on you, super fast big guys. I enjoyed the race.


2 thoughts on “All the king’s men

  1. As a postscript: this triathlon bills itself as the Internationaler Schweriner Schlosstriathlon. Looking through the list of finishers, I believe I’m the only non-German. I’ve been doing this race on and off since 2005, and I’m wondering if the “International” status has come from my participation.

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