Park life

Enjoyed a great race on Sunday in Hamburg’s Stadtpark. This is one of the good ones, where they separate the athletes into Sprinttriathlon (for the serious boffins) and Volkstriathlon (literally: people’s triathlon). Sounds rather communist, I know, the people’s triathlon, but it’s actually better than most races because it’s not nearly as serious. People ride old racing bikes and mountain bikes. They do part of the run with their kids. Guys try not to elbow you in the swim. Athletes congratulate each other at the finish line. All very good. People smile!

Yes, I probably should have been in the Sprinttriathlon, but I much prefer the atmosphere of the people’s tri. I finished 6th overall, in 1:06. The 36 year old winner clocked 1:01. Over in the Sprinttriathlon, the 22 year old winner finished in 0:59. Second, 41 years old, was a minute behind.

On the run, I had to leap over a dog and go through thick clouds of barbecue smoke. But I managed to run fast enough to finish first in start time 12:30. As seen in the photo below, the world’s most lacklustre final sprint to the line.


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