Ignorance isn’t bliss

An interesting article in the Guardian about amateur athletes taking supplements without an awareness of what is in them and the possible consequences:

In the article, Dr Ken van Someren, director of sports science at the English Institute of Sport, is quoted as saying: “The real challenges come for the amateur athlete, who doesn’t have someone pointing out which products are safe and which aren’t or someone able to cut through the performance claims. It is an industry that is still relatively unregulated.”

He’s referring to the products themselves, not to athletes being tested. This all only becomes a problem when something goes horribly wrong, as with Claire Squires at the London Marathon.

I’m thinking about the supplements issue and amateur athletes taking “vitamin D” because I’m curious how a 46 year-old wins a triathlon, and a 51 year-old finishes third, as what happened in the race on Sunday.

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