Water sports

Last year, I did a race in Münster in pouring rain. I fell off the bike, taking a big chunk out of my hand, and wrecked my feet on the run (blisters galore). I vowed never to do another race in heavy rain.

So, the first race of the season in Berlin was a total washout. The rain was bad, but worse was the temperature. 11°!. The water (ugh, the River Spree) was 16°. But getting out of the swim and onto the bike…well, my body started to freeze up. At kilometre 8, I got a flat tire and was actually quite happy about it. But it was a long, cold walk back to the (flooded) transition area, with chattering teeth. Packed up and left. Everything was wet.

So, I’ve added Berlin Triathlon to my black list. Not because of juiced-up competitors (even though there was that element), but because of the dangerous bike course. 9 loops of 4.3km, with drafting allowed. I felt very unsafe, especially with the soaked roads. The swim was also sickening, with the course dangerously constructed; a bottleneck start. I sliced my index finger open on what felt like broken glass.

But apart from all that, it was an enjoyable weekend in Berlin.


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