Scheduling conflicts

With the first triathlon now three weeks away, I’m starting to get keen. But it’s all in good fun and the races should be enjoyable. Just a bunch of people swimming, biking and running on a Sunday. However, in recent years, there were some triathlons in north Germany which were far too serious for my liking. And by serious I mean that the level of competition was too high for the race to be enjoyable or anything close to fair. (Roid rage anyone?) Guys elbowing and kicking you during the swim. Guys shouting to get out of the way on the bike. Guys literally running over the top of you. Guys doing times as good as pros. And so on. Not much fun, and not a good advertisement for our sport.

Thus, I’ve decided to take these off my race calendar:
Vierlanden Triathlon
Rosenstadt Triathlon Eutin
KN Förde Kiel Triathlon
Ratzeburg Insel Triathlon

Depending on how this season goes, more races may be added to that list. Are there any races you avoid, because of the nature of the competition? Perhaps because of the unnatural competitors?

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