It’s logical, captain

There’s some pretty weird thinking at Nike. Infidelity and sex addiction, that’s okay, Nike will support you. Illegal dog-fighting and going to jail, Nike will support you. A cancer charity with links to a cheating athlete, Nike withdraws its support. Of course, not to mention all of Nike’s athletes who may be on the juice but have yet to test positive…

Disregarding the connection to Armstrong, LiveStrong has got be close to the world’s most successful charity. It’s admirable what the charity has acheived.


My blue heaven

Following up on the golden delicious Basso posted a few weeks back, here’s my new competition bike. The bike I had the last three seasons was stolen from my local bike shop when it was in for repairs last year, and the less said about that the better.

The new one is a Trek Equinox TTX 9.0, which was a top of the range bike a few years back but has since been superceded by superior bikes. So, what was once a €4,000 bike can be picked up used for a cool grand (from a bike shop in Germany, lucky me). And this is in keeping with my rule of never spending more than €1,500 on a bike. I’ve been out for some rides and this bird flies. Looking forward to racing with it, and of course to still getting passed by old guys on superior bikes with superior “diets”.


I’ve pimped the frame in Purathletes style.


Eat my chemical dust

I found this interesting post on

I like the way the writer describes being soundly beaten by someone posting times that are off the chart. I can sympathise with him (the writer, not the suped-up athlete). It’s an awful feeling, to train so hard and give everything in the race, and then people pass you like you’re not even moving. You can’t help but wonder where they’re getting that little bit extra from, and it’s very difficult to get your focus back on your own race without feeling like a total loser. It’s also very hard to believe such performances are real.

Yes, age-groupers who qualify for Kona will now be tested, in the wake of the Moats case (, but that’s only one race. Granted, it’s the race everyone wants to do.

I think this quote sums it all up rather well:

“It would be naive to think that with the tens of thousands of age-group triathletes who have taken on the Ironman challenge over the years that they all competed clean without some sort of chemical edge to put themselves one step ahead of the competition…It would probably be safer to say there have been dozens or perhaps even hundreds who have gone into an Ironman with an unfair advantage.”

And other triathlons should not be left out, plus marathons and cycling events, and lots of other sports.

Scheduling conflicts

With the first triathlon now three weeks away, I’m starting to get keen. But it’s all in good fun and the races should be enjoyable. Just a bunch of people swimming, biking and running on a Sunday. However, in recent years, there were some triathlons in north Germany which were far too serious for my liking. And by serious I mean that the level of competition was too high for the race to be enjoyable or anything close to fair. (Roid rage anyone?) Guys elbowing and kicking you during the swim. Guys shouting to get out of the way on the bike. Guys literally running over the top of you. Guys doing times as good as pros. And so on. Not much fun, and not a good advertisement for our sport.

Thus, I’ve decided to take these off my race calendar:
Vierlanden Triathlon
Rosenstadt Triathlon Eutin
KN Förde Kiel Triathlon
Ratzeburg Insel Triathlon

Depending on how this season goes, more races may be added to that list. Are there any races you avoid, because of the nature of the competition? Perhaps because of the unnatural competitors?

Training wheels

I’m always interested in what bikes people ride. Below is a photo of my training bike, a Basso Devil I bought in 2008. I got it second hand for €400 and it’s now done about 13,000 kilometres. It’s a solid set-up, with Ultegra equipment and Exa A-class wheels. Nothing fancy. I often get passed by superior bikes, but I’m very happy with the Basso.


Let the blood run free

In the Operation Puerto case that’s been going on for years, the judge has ruled that the 200-odd blood bags be destroyed, because of Spain’s privacy laws. So, who these athletes were remains mostly a secret, and they came from sports other than cycling, including soccer, tennis, boxing and athletics. It’s a shame.