The inside dope

Another cyclist has come out of the doping closet, with the claim that doctors were involved.

Makes me wonder if that’s how some amateurs do it too, with their GP, or maybe with some shady doctor.

I’d like to see WADA show up at one of the local bike races here (like the Hamburg Cyclassics that has over 10,000 participants) and do some testing of the guys who post what only can be termed “dubious” results. That would make headlines I’m sure.


2 thoughts on “The inside dope

  1. “could have spared himself, but also the sport, a lot if he had told the truth earlier”

    In other words, it would have been easier to sweep it under the carpet with the rest at the same time without drawing the whole thing on. No wonder the sport is rotted with administrators and the likes making comments like that

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